Tara M. One of the best massages I’ve ever had. I had a lot of tight muscles in my back prior to massage and after I felt great! Muscles were so much more relaxed. Can’t wait to go back. 8/26/17
Shelly P. I love SoulSisters Spa! It’s a nice, clean, relaxing environment where I can let all my cares float away and enjoy the pampering! 8/30/2017
Michelle E.  Kristine is amazing!! Best massage ever! Highly recommend her! on 8/25/17


Shereen K. Valery always does an outstanding job! on 6/7/2017

Melinda R.  Kristine is the best massage therapist on the planet! on 5/13/2017
Colleen D. Microcurrent facial is rejuvenating – amazing! & more importantly, Kristine makes you feel nurtured in the process! Truly lives up to the name: Soul Sisters! on 5/12/2017

 Joyce MBest facial esthetician services in the Tri-Valley  on 5/11/2017

 Juliana M. on 5/7/2017

Valerie gave me the best facial I have ever experienced. I was referred by someone. It was a gift. So you never know what can happen. I was pleasantly surprised, and enjoyed my service. They don’t over sell you. Just tell you what you can use to better your skin. Thank you.

Best therapeutic masseuse in the Tri-Valley!


Amazing services! Always comfortable and calming- don’t miss out, you won’t be sorry!!
Kristine, can’t wait to come see you in one of your new locals. No luck needed as I know it will be fabulous

Bonnie Reed

Kristine Cousins is a wonderful massage therapist. On my very first visit, I fell asleep during my session. To me that is the sign of an expert that knows her profession and understands her client as well. If you have not seen Kristine before, I would highly recommend you make an appointment.


I have a lot of personal experience doing “business” with Kristine, if you could call it that! I am not a person who indulges myself with frills and activities for myself, but the very first time my daughter gave me a massage with Kristine as a gift, I knew it was going to be a long term relationship. I have been going to her for many years now and I can truthfully say that my visits with her are among the happiest of my days! Not only are the massages out of this world, but even more important my time with Kristine is like an escape. She has a rare way of figuring when a client (friend) wants to talk, or just lie back and enjoy. She is very talented, warm and down to earth. For any mother’s day, birthday or Christmas all of my family and friends know what I want…an appointment with Kristine. It is also my first choice of gift to give MY loved ones. I have also had the pleasure of getting facials from her, yummmm. I have probably used up more than my share of time and space (I don’t want to make this so long that nobody will read it,) but I would recommend Kristine and her associates to anyone who wants someone they can enjoy, get to be friends with and really trust. She is one of my favorite people. Try her services, and you too will be hooked.

Essie Messina